What Parents Say . . .

Everything about Country Day Little School values my child as an individual. The philosophy, the environment, and the teachers genuinely respect Gabriel as a person. They work extremely hard to guard and protect the natural unfolding of who he is. The rhythmic nature of the Country Day setting provides the foundation of consistency so important for young children in the chaotic world we live in.

The staff of CDLS act proactively, constantly evaluating the needs of every child. They strive to meet each child in a healthy and nurturing place. Their willingness to creatively work with families in a variety of situations to provide stability for the child is unmatched.

CDLS supports the child’s family, challenging us to be the best parents we can be for our children. The love, attention, and care devoted to the children is truly inspirational. I couldn’t ask for a more loving environment for my child to spend his days away from home.

– MargueriteLyn Michaud

I had vague ideas about what I was looking for, but when I walked through the garden and into the Country Day Little School rooms, I knew intuitively I had found what I was looking for. I observed a group of mixed-age children actively and intently pursuing their play, working together harmoniously and respectfully as a group inside the room, while another group worked outside in the garden, digging in the sand, using shovels, feeding the chickens.

My first impression has been supported through the four years my son attended and the two years my daughter has attended. I have yet to find another school where children are so actively supported and unobtrusively guided through their day, where they are given opportunities for real, not made-up, work, and where through consistent and gentle example by all the teachers in every interaction with a child, they are taught positive behavior and social skills, respect for themselves, others, and the environment, and learn the creative process of imaginative play.

My son started Kindergarten this past year, and he transitioned very easily from Country Day Little School to a traditional school environment. His teachers have consistently commented on his gentle nature, his compassion for others, his creative processes in all activities, and his ability to work and play harmoniously and respectfully with children of different ages and temperaments. I have no doubt that his time at Country Day contributed greatly to who he is today, and that my daughter’s kindergarten teachers will be commenting on the same things in a couple years as well.

– Eva Bryer

As a first time parent, not only were my children (twins) so well nurtured and cared for at Country Day, but, as a parent, I learned so much about how to be the parent I wanted to be. While I had chosen not to have my children watch television, I could not articulate why. With Country Day, I felt that I learned more about what my children truly needed and how to give it to them - routines, rhythms, songs and structure. Much of it fit well with what I was doing intuitively, but, as a first time mom, it was a relief to have such experience to turn to as a resource.

When I had my third child, long after my first two had moved onto elementary school, I happily brought him to Country Day. The teachers are as committed to my children as I am. A true "village" was raising them.

– Cindy Shove

Our son is almost three years old. We hope he will grow into a person with strong interests, an appreciation of hard work and the satisfaction that comes with it, and a sense of caring and responsibility for those around him. Over the last year Country Day has brought this hope to life in many ways. Each teacher is exceptionally loving, attentive, and respectful. Morning drop-off is a joyous occasion as our son runs into the garden to greet his beloved teachers and friends, find his favorite green rake, and begin his morning work. Beyond the classroom, we feel supported in our parenting choices. Our teachers and fellow parents have shared tools for present and resourceful parenting as they have also welcomed us into the school family. We are grateful to be a part of this special community.

– Elena & Matt

When looking into preschools for our daughter we weren't sure what we wanted...home based, Montessori, Waldorf, large or small. We just knew that it was time for her to move from her daycare to a "big girl" school. We started to research the local options and visited quite a few with our list of questions in hand. The last one we visited was Country Day Little School and we knew the minute we walked through the gate that we were experiencing something that felt "right". After touring the school and talking with Peg we knew that this was where we wanted our daughter to spend her days, playing in the garden and with the other wonderful children in a relaxed and loving atmosphere. We were also very impressed with the education level of the teachers and the involvement of the parents. Not being local to the area, we hoped that this would become our "community" in which to raise our family.

Our daughter is a loving and caring person, who appreciates the beauty of nature. She plays with enthusiasm and creativity with whatever objects are available to her. I attribute much of this to the experience she has had at CDLS. She has gone from a slightly clumsy child to one who can skip, run and climb trees. Playing outdoors (rain or shine) year round allows her to appreciate the wonder of nature and the seasons.

We have been at CDLS for two and a half years and this fall our oldest is leaving and going into a Waldorf kindergarten and our youngest will start at CDLS. We couldn't be happier. We love the coaching and encouragement we get from the teachers and the parent community. We have developed loving friendships with many families in the school and are deeply grateful to have found such a wonderful environment to raise our daughters.

– Bev & Noah Neiman

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